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The Klein Family :: {Crisp Fall November Day, Folsom, CA}

Friday, November 18, 2011

I first met the entire Klein Family at my best friends Ginger Bread Making Party last Christmas. The Klein's were new to the area from Oregon and John is business partners with a mutual friends husband. I did not ever imagine having the pleasure and flattery to photograph their adorable family but was so excited when Callie asked me to do so. Callie and John are perfect together and sure know a thing or two about "divide and conquer..." with two little boys, you just have no choice! :) I enjoy each and every family I photograph, but there is always something so special about getting to know the family a little whether you are friends first or become friends shortly after. I love people and learning of their life experience. These boys are a crack up like always. Andrew, the teeny heart throb below is the sweetest most innocent little boy, i've ever come across. He sure knew how to work the camera. Him and his brother Jackson crack each other up. Jackson is an old soul who truly understands life at such a young age. They both adore their parents dearly. It's amazing to me, how early you can see traits in children. I can tell these boys are going to be the best of buds, and this is why I love what I do. Being able to capture the love of a family, couple, siblings, relatives, etc is my life's purpose.  Anyway, I can imagine these photo's will speak on their own! Enjoy! Bye for now! 

Thank you Klein Family! 

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