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Babies | Northern California | Jonah | March 2012

Monday, March 26, 2012

I love my job. Having the opportunity to hold a newborn is such a privilege, but having the honor of taking their first photos is priceless. I love finding unique characteristics in each newborn just knowing these will be trademarks about them that will always set them apart. As soon as Baby J falls asleep his mouth hangs wide open. It's the most adorable thing. Not everyone has this trait, but it's as if he's enjoying sleep as much as he will probably enjoy a nice big piece of scrumptious cake on his first birthday! He's also a boy who loves white noise as much as the next baby. All you have to do to calm him down {as long as he's not hungry or in pain of course} is the "Shh Shh's." Precious, just precious! Enjoy Jonah's first photos! Here are just a few from our shoot. {His older sister Cadence is adorable as well :)} 

One Response to “Babies | Northern California | Jonah | March 2012”

  1. These are so beautiful Kim! Gives me baby fever. :)