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Project Real | Real moms by {KBP} | Norcal Lifestyle Photographer | March & April 2015

Sunday, May 3, 2015

This mommy blog post is about two special friends of mine. I decided to post about them together because I wanted to offer a dynamic view of how important community, friendship and strength are when married to extreme entrepreneurs out to change the world.

Meet Aimee & Callie. Both moms of three gorgeous children. These two have always been an incredible example to me when it comes to mommies who know how to juggle life and make it look easy. They are both the most incredible home makers and most giving people I have ever known who have their own unique quirks and personalities. fun fact about them, they were born on the exact same day/year.

Aimee + Callie are part of an incredible organization with their husbands called the Trade. The Trade is a non profit group, started by Chris McCarley + Jonathan Klein. They run a full business, called HattoriHanzo Shears with over 100 employees under them. They travel, they are devoted entrepreneurs and strongly committed to their faith and their marriages + families. Aimee and Callie not only provide the glue that hold their families together, but they are incredibly supportive wives who in turn hold together an organization and non profit, by providing their husbands with a solid support system. Entrepreneurs need strong women in their lives to stay afloat. It is by far the most important aspect of their success (of course in my opinion that is - they work hard too :).

The Trade was born when Chris and Jonathan decided they wanted to give back with their business, by helping women escape their outlandish reality of human sex trafficking by learning how to cut and style hair which in turn provides them a job to support themselves. Sex trafficking has been an extreme epidemic in third world countries and even in our own neighborhood here in America. I have always been so inspired by these two men who mean business but have solid christian hearts who want to change the world for the better, yet honor their families first.

I find so much peace when I am around these two women, Aimee + Callie, knowing that their hearts are in the right place and will do what ever it takes to keep their families thriving. Aimee tells me that her secret to marriage with three kiddos and busy schedules are consistent date nights. Her and Chris enjoy Friday happy hours at Serrano Country Club in El Dorado Hills. Callie agrees and tells me that her & Jonathan's favorite restaurant is Aji Japanese Bistro in El Dorado Hills, CA. One thing that I adore most about these women is their sisterhood like friendship. They have become family over the years, going to school together and then coincidentally having their husbands partner in crime together, which later led the Klein family to relocate to El Dorado Hills, from Oregon. These two are such a special pair and so I thought what a better way to celebrate my March + April Moms than with them together all in one post. Aren't their kids just scrumptious? :) Enjoy! I am hoping to bring Chris and Jon to my blog soon so they can explain more about their company (always best coming from the real deal). For now, enjoy these motherhood moments I captured.



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