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Lifestyle | Grimm & Angelo Family | April 2012

Sunday, April 15, 2012

I have one of those rare jobs where occasionally I get to take my baby girl to work with me! We threw her in the mix with the girls because a family member of the Grimm's, talented Melanie Jones, sews these beautiful dresses and we wanted to take some we could send her. Mrs. Grimm is also an amazing seamstress! What a lucky family; she handmade the blue outfits you will see below that her grandchildren are wearing.

This was the part where we started bribing for jelly beans... their faces are so classic! The one below, Sum is trying to calm baby "I" down. So sweet!

These kids were such a ball to work with! I love my job!

 Such a beautiful great grandmother and her great grand babies! 

A beautiful Grandma with her Grand babies! 

I asked them to find the froggy in the lens. Such a good trick. {smile}

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