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It's been a while {KBP Goals & 2013}

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

So I just counted... I have not posted a blog post for 6 months! Yes I have been procrastinating big time. I need a revamp in a major way, I am currently finding a way to connect my blogs, my sites, twitter & my Fanpage all into one group! I have always kept up so well with my fanpage but the truth is I would rather keep up with my blog, and technology can do the rest. I love blogging my photo shoots so much! Each and every one of my shoots are so special to me, and I don't feel finished with them until I've posted every single one... so I guess you could say I have a lot of work cut out for me...

I managed to work quite a bit throughout my pregnancy with our second daughter, little miss Karly Delilah, {I will definitely get back to her later} but also started focusing on my studio work through shoots & learning. I have had the pleasure of meeting quite a few newborns the past weeks/months! I also started a new blog & site that mainly focuses on my newborns as well as my other {studio} work. & Both are currently under construction, getting ready for 2013.

Goals are something I take seriously and have had in place since before I started my business with photography. I believe that without goals, you have zero foundation, and without a foundation your house/establishment can crumble at any given time. However, I also believe in moving forward and learning from things along the way. My first goal was to start a business the right way, which meant many things. The proper paperwork, business license, a separate bank account devoted to my business, etc, but I knew from the get- go that my number one goal was to not go into debt in order to start my business. I guess you could say that may have been a little un realistic, however I am proud to say that I have yet to incur any debt thus far, and I plan on keeping it that way. I started my business literally offering free shoots who were willing to take the gamble on my creativity. Most of them were close friends and their families, some newborns, and family members. I am absolutely a giver... so you can definitely bet that I sometimes still offer those to some of my close friends and family... but they are few and far between because I do take this seriously. My second goal was to establish my business as one entity that would encompass my creativity along with my professionalism and focus. I think I have safely established that I am now a family, lifestyle photographer who focusses on newborn and the milestone phases of young, growing families. I love children, and in fact am very much inspired by my own two little girls every day! I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be so lucky to have such an amazing family of my own at my age, and also be doing what I love for a living. You can say those were my life goals, and I have done more than conquered them! Next, my goal for 2012 was to purchase and establish a mini studio in order to be able to offer an experience and work that cannot really be created outdoors. I wanted to be able to offer my clients both and now I have conquered that. My goal for 2013, is to become an expert on these amazing little miracles that change our worlds as we know it. Babies... and anything to do with babies. I really love belly photos as well because after all that is the best part of welcoming these amazing beings, feeling them kick for the first time, and watching that belly grow, a time in our lives we never want to forget.

I will be updating this blog through the end of the year, and periodically as I have more family shoots or belly shoots, or anything else that comes my way, but 2013 I will be focusing on my other blog, with hopefully many newborns, babies & bellies! So be sure to check out both of my blogs. My main website takes you to both sides of my work, so will also be updated and can be linked to through I hope you enjoy the abundance of posts coming this month of all my shoots dating back from June to December. Thanks again for following me!

P.S. Look out for a very special post titled {September 28, 2012 | Our world changed again} :)

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