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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I apologize ahead of time to our little miss Karly Delilah for the much delayed post about her entrance into this world! As you can probably already see I wasn't the busiest the early part of this year due to my pregnancy of this little angel we got the pleasure of welcoming this September. However, I already started to kick off my new specialty this year, in 2012. I am specializing in Maternity & Newborn shoots in 2013. I will still continue to do family {especially those who just welcomed a new baby}, but I would like to focus my talent & creativity on those expecting and their little pea-pods who follow. Please stay tuned for more newborn and maternity shoots I accomplished the latter end of 2012. I am looking forward to meeting new bumps and babies this year! 

For now, here is a little bit about our little girl we introduced this year... Karly Delilah. She was born on September 28, 2012. We named her after a few important things in our lives just as we did our first daughter. Karly is the name of a winery that we went to just after we got engaged. It is also one of our favorites in the Amador County wine country. The winery is named after the owner's wife, and we loved their story {I loved mostly that Karly was spelled with a "K"}. Delilah is the name in one of my husband and mine's songs that we would have had played at our wedding... but decided to keep it special just to us {The actual song is called, "Hey there Delilah," by The Plain White Tee's}. We had a few other options as nicknames and as soon as she was born, we looked at each other and said let's go with Delilah. It was so romantic, and I love that we didn't chose it until she was actually here. We knew already she would be just the sweetest little girl, but we both felt it fit her even more when she got here. Summer Sofia was chosen just as special to us, but in a different way and I love that our girls name's are unique but somewhat common first names, and with such fu-fu middle names. 

Summer, little miss two year old love bug, was definitely proud to become a new role in our family! Sum was a little unsure of Karly at first look, but it didn't take her long to ask us if she could hold her new sister. I am finally going to share below my photo shoot of my very own little beauty queens. Love you both to the moon and beyond baby girls! 



 Just 5 days old, and already mama's little perfect model 

Love her Sassiness 
Little miss and her baby Sis <3  

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