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Kicks & Coos | Sacramento Maternity & Newborn Photographer | February {2013}

Friday, February 8, 2013

Starting with those little kicks... begin the moment of motherhood. Second, third, fourth time around it's always amazing when that initial realization of pregnancy comes to life. Just as special are those baby coo's you get to experience when that little one comes into the world! 

Siblings are so special, and these little moments are exactly why I pursued photography. Watching those babies kiss their mommies bellies with curiosity and then their new siblings cheeks when they are finally here... so priceless! I always feel blessed to be chosen to capture these moments. Mommies live for those little kicks & and baby coo's :) I find it adorable when the siblings come up with nicknames for the baby to be... "baby coyotes" is what he calls his baby brother. What a heart wrenching little boy he is! 


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