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{J + C} | Coloma, CA | Northern California Wedding Photographer | October 13, 2013

Monday, October 21, 2013

Jason & Carly, first I need to say this... You two are so incredibly blessed with amazing families who have now joined together because of you both. You surely are and will be, rich with love for eternity. I cannot say this enough, but I will not ever forget this wedding for many reasons. Carly, you are the epitome of how a bride should always take on her wedding day. Even if feelings of angst were there, you smiled with joy and relaxed, awaiting such a big moment, as you gracefully embraced those around you. Jason, you sure round up some good men in your life and you are such a sport for positively welcoming "fun" wedding photo's, I am sure Carly will be grateful for those you partook in. 

Weddings have become an obsession of mine and I am so grateful for those who have pushed, encouraged, and rooted for me to travel down this path. No matter what, there will always be room for improvement in my sentiment. Carly and Jason, thank you again for this opportunity. Here is your story, from my perspective...

One of my favorite parts of this wedding was the incredible DJ, that so many of us were lucky enough to have as a teacher in high school... the infamous, Mr. Bosch. I had no idea how talented he was... man of many faces... ;-) 

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Thank you! 


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