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College Bestie Baby Bumps // Folsom Lifestyle Photographer // Kaci + Kandace

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I just adore these two women more than they will ever know. Our bond will never be replaced because college was probably the most fun, most stressful, most busy time we will ever go through, and we did it together. Lots of tears, laughs, adventures, lectures, and we lived to tell about it. I do not always get lucky enough to photograph my friends or family, so I feel honored that I got the pleasure of capturing these moments for two girlfriends who mean the world to me, and always will. Time has a way of keeping us apart longer than desirable, but what I love is that we can always pick up where we left off. 

Kandace + Tom // Folsom, CA

Kandace is a special girl who many call, best friend. She is real, sincere and will tell it like it is if you ask her to. I just love her, and I have been so amazed with her motherly instincts just falling into place! Tom is her soul mate, perfect combination together, full of love and playful flirting like high school sweet hearts (oh wait…they are), yet serious, responsible adults who see eye to eye and ready to tackle the world together. 

Kaci + Mark // El Dorado Hills, CA // Baby {B}

The first thing I remember about Kaci is her laugh. She loves to laugh and loves to make others laugh. She's a smart, sophisticated woman with a whole lot to say. Mark is that guy that takes in every part of her and they sure love to laugh. 


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