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{KBP} | A YEAR {2014} in review | Nor Cal Lifestyle Photographer | Cheers to 2015!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Well hello there, 2015! I am so ready for you! I have had such an amazing opportunity these past four years, doing what I love.  I have experienced and learned more than any other years in my life. Possibly, because I have also learned and grown into a wife, a mother and entrepreneur. However, there is no doubt in my mind that I have grown the most learning from my clients, supporters and fellow artists/friends I have made. 

I learned the most this year from really finding the true definition of success… One of my amazing friends really saved my perception on things when I needed it most (she probably did not even realize how much she helped me with her wise words). I wanted to share this because I think it is so important to share knowledge and what we learn during our journey here. I had used the words, I am not some crazy successful photographer yet, but I am thoroughly enjoying making a living doing this. She jumped in to correct me to say, "Kim, success is not measured by numbers, time or even money, it is based on your happiness…you're happy, fulfilled and that is success!" I am always inspired by words of wisdom, but her words stuck with me the rest of the year and that is all I thought of. Not really counting how many shoots I had accomplished, how much money I was making, or really how many more fans I was accumulating, but that I was happy doing it. As long as I am happy doing this, I will continue to do it, because that is why I started in the first place. 

This is something that fulfills me (almost) as much as having children. :) I have always had a love of photos and capturing moments for people, fulfills a hunger inside me. I love meeting new people and learning their story through my camera. I really enjoy photographing my friends and family too, but never expect them to come to me. This is such a personal job and I feel so blessed by anyone who crosses my lens. You are giving me as much as I am giving you. Thank YOU all for seeking my work this year. I wish you ALL the best this year and those whom I have yet to meet, I cannot wait to have you in front of my lens in 2015! 

Cheers to a fresh, new year, 2015 and many amazing new things! 


Enjoy!  {These are in no particular order} 

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Thank you! 

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