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Project REAL | Real Moms by {KBP} | Norcal Lifestyle Photographer | 2015

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

When I started my business as a photographer, motherhood was in fact what inspired me to go full force and put myself out there as an artist and entrepreneur. About a year ago I had a vision about an idea that I felt would portray the diversity of all mom's and yet reveal commonalities we have as well. I love the idea of those little moments of bliss that we all seem to hold onto in times of what may feel like, chaos. Whether it be a simple pedicure, getting an opportunity to dress up, a few hours at the hair salon, anything to help us rejuvenate. For me, those minutes or hours are the perfect escape to refresh and feel whole again. As moms, we tend to give all we have to our babies and there is simply just more to that story than just being an irreplaceable force of nature for them. As a mom I can truly say, my life did not really begin until my girls were here, however there was so much I had dreamt of before having babies. I want my girls to feel independent enough to also fulfill their dreams outside of being a mom, because it is that personal fulfillment that I feel truly helps us become the best version of a mom and of ourselves. Each monthly post will probably touch on a different part of motherhood and/or a unique story I find intriguing or inspiring.

Meet Ms. Sarah. Sarah is a good friend of my favorite hair dresser. She currently works at Mens Wearhouse and has been a loyal partner to them for over a decade. She has seen many people over the years get married and she has had her fair share of experiencing different couples and their stories. Sarah also has a beautiful little boy who is now four years old. A year or so ago, she had to make one extremely hard decision for herself that lead her to becoming a single mother. Sarah has had many challenges with this new life with her and her son, but it has been the best thing for both of them. Sarah's strength has inspired me, as what she has gone through is not something anyone should have to endure. This life is always full of challenges and most are unforeseen. She still manages to put a smile on her face and stay tough for that little boy. I decided she deserved to be pampered - so we had her makeup done by my talented Sister in law, Kelly, using some of her favorite new products from, IPSY and we dressed her up in H&M & Steve Madden. Enjoy!

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