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Shopper Sundays | {KBP} | Mothers Day Inspired | 2015

Sunday, May 10, 2015

 I decided to add another fun {monthly} blog post called "Shopper Sunday's." Becoming a mom has made me pretty obsessive over deals and this tends to trickle into most shopping categories, including groceries. This post is about favorite companies of mine who are celebrating moms, of course in light of Mothers Day!

I have done a little research to find some of my favorite companies that are probably just as inspired by Mom's as I am, who have taken the effort to shower moms with a discount on their merchandise. Of course they know their audience, and what mom does not love a good deal? If you are a mom, or aren't, enjoy! These are all so fun. I decided to post a photo of my favorite product from each company.


This is one of my favorite places to shop. I tend to get lost in the ambiance more than anything, but their products offer a lifestyle like no other company I have experienced. They have a knack for finding the most amazing, high quality products while staying true to their signature style through and through. I tend to know when someone is wearing their clothing or have their decor throughout their homes. I have found some amazing props here in the past, and decor for my little girls bedroom... if I were to take advantage of this 20% off, I would likely make it useful and buy either of these gorgeous  dresses. Aren't they both incredible? I am a sucker for bright colors. Sometimes I tend to buy more solids than prints, so here is my single inspiration for more color and more interesting choices in fashion.

I especially love the neckline on this one! 


The lace detail on this one! 

Green's are really catching my eye these days. I love the bright stripes and different combinations these two dresses offer. Both can be dressed down with flats for a picnic or dressed up in heels or wedges for a night out. 

{Click on "Anthropologie" for a direct link to this dress |  20% off Code: XOXO} 

Bloom Theory:

This bag makes me DROOL! I love everything about it, and of course because I am driven by both Beauty and practicality. I love items that have multi-use. I can use this for my camera gear when on a small shoot which is so ideal in Lou of my bulky wedding camera bag, that holds a lot more gear, yet weighs me down when I am running around. I can also use this for those days I take my little one's on an outing that requires everything and the kitchen sink. Bless you Bloom theory for also adding the feminine touch of a big fat bow right in front. 

{Click on Bloom Theory for a direct link for this bag 15% off Code: Happymama}

I absolutely love this company! Not only do I use their template for my photography client materials but I have also used their template for my bridal magazine. I will be shopping tonight in their Mothers day 40% off section for a new client magazine for my clients! 

{Click on "Hazy Skies Design for direct link to the 40% Mothers Day Sale! No need for a code!} 

This is it for Shopper Sunday's! I hope you enjoyed a little taste of some of my favorite places to stop and shop. I look forward to bringing you more fun deals next month! :) 


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