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Project Real | Real moms by {KBP} | Norcal Lifestyle Photographer | August 2015

Sunday, August 30, 2015

First of all I cannot believe I have neglected this blog for the summer! I really did not mean to do that but as we all know with little one's and especially Summer activities, life just gets in the way sometimes! This month I am talking to a mom who definitely knows all about that. However, I hope to start bringing a more consistent flow to this blog since I have some exciting new projects to discuss with you!

I started becoming a brand rep for a few incredible handmade (american made) companies. I have also started working with a few local boutiques in the area that I will shed some light on for y'all in the next coming months. So you can definitely say that with my neglect, there has been some positive growth in my company and this has become such an exciting time for me! Not to mention I have also been working with an incredible country artist who always has such a busy summer schedule touring, so I have been giving him all of my undivided attention this summer.

Well, since I skipped May, June & July... I am bringing you a gorgeous mama with two handsome little boys for August who will melt your hearts. I decided to approach my post a little differently this time because I feel this will suite y'all much better. I love to interview people (mostly just ask questions). Ever since I can remember I have been nick named the question box. It really stems from my love for people and a love of story telling. I find other peoples lives so fascinating and it is seriously something I have felt so strongly in my bones since I could talk. I love to learn about something I have no clue about and especially love to learn from others that I look up to and respect.

So I bring you Kara; she is a beautiful person and mama bear, inside and out! She is someone super special to my company because she was one of the very first mama's I took photos for.  She might have been one of the many who pushed me to follow my passion. She loves and appreciates art and after all followed her own passion of becoming a teacher. I get a little emotional thinking about all the times we have been through together becoming a mom for the first time within a month, and watching all the important little milestone's play out in our babies' lives.

I first met Kara at Prom in high school. Her and her good friend swooped me in because I wanted to dance and my date was playing poker... haha. They were so sweet to me and shared a mutual friend of ours (who I will be talking about next month). Fast forward some odd years, we both married and used the same photographer, David Goard, who has become a good friend of ours.

Here is the photo I first took of Kara & Lucas (Lucas was maybe 6 or 7 months?).

Below are some photos I took of their family when they were expecting this other special little boy named, Caleb. 

Isn't she just drop dead gorgeous?! I think a growing belly is the most beautiful thing in the world! I felt so honored that she chose me to take these to document her family's growth. 

then of course, here is the precious outcome of that belly...

Baby Caleb {Newborn Photos}

I really don't think it is possible for these boys to be any more handsome! Well now that I have shared with you some history of Kara, here are some questions I asked her, along with my mama shoot {updated photos of the boys}. 

One of the things I have adored most about Kara is how she shares her family with the world. She has an amazing blog that inspires me all the time. If you get a chance and would love to follow her and her adorable family adventures and memories, find the link here:

Aren't they just adorable? Below, get to know Kara. 

L + C necklace, boys shoes, boys tops. 
Necklace: L+C {Etsy}

Both of their tops are from {Target}

Caleb's shoes: {Natives} from Nordstrom (not pictured but he lives in them!)

(1) What has been your favorite thing about raising babies? 
It is so hard to pick one favorite thing, when there are so many great things and moments that come with raising children. I will say that one of my favorite things is having cuddle time with each of my boys. They are both rowdy, loud, rambunctious boys through and through, but they sure do love to cuddle with me, and that makes me so happy. 

(2) What do you find as a mom (woman) most challenging raising boys? 
Teaching them to pee standing up! Haha, no, but really keeping the potty clean is difficult. Honestly though, I think our society still teaches little boys that they always need to be super tough, and not show emotion. I want my boys to be tough, sure, but my oldest is sensitive and that is okay! I want him to always be able to express himself, and know that feelings have value and he doesn't always have to be the tough guy. 

(3) What are some things as mom of two that you find the most satisfying (simple or extravagant pleasures) and what can you absolutely not live without as a mom with two boys? 
As a stay at home mom with a husband that has a demanding job, I don't get a lot of "alone" time. Alone time, or time with friends, is crucial in refilling my own cup. About a year ago I started running with a group of woman early in the morning before the boys are up for the day, this has become such a blessing to me. I get girl time with great friends, exercise that I enjoy and need, and a quiet morning leaving the house while everyone else is still sleeping. Now, what can I not live without? My husband! He is my biggest supporter and greatest help in this crazy life we live. 

(4) Because we had this conversation of the difference of boys and girls and food... HAHA... What are some of the things your boys love to eat most (either cooked or snacks)?
They love turkey meatballs... actually the recipe you gave me! I love that I can sneak veggies in them, since they won't touch anything green. They also love chicken and pasta. For snacks, their favorites are fresh strawberries and frozen blueberries. 

(5) What are your biggest fears in raising two amazing men? 
I am definitely a fearful person, and am always worrying about the future in every aspect of my life, but when it comes to my children, I don't really like to think of my fears, but more of my hopes and dreams for them. I hope they always try their hardest and work their hardest. I hope they grow into compassionate, God loving, determined men. Even though they are still so young and it is years away, I dream of their future wives, and hope they are watching their father, and learning what it means to treat a woman right. I dream they become fathers, and feel the same love that their dad and I have for them. There is absolutely nothing like the love one has for their own children. 



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