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{The Holme's Family} El Dorado Hills, CA

Sunday, September 18, 2011

My most favorite part of this job is that every family I meet, I really get to know within the time frame of the phone calls, planning and the actual day of the shoot! This family I got lucky with some extra phone calls, excited texts and plenty of laughs the few hours we were together. It's always fun to watch a family with multiple children and know that laughing is key to making every family just work. These boys were just so adorable! They aren't twins but they look it since they are roughly the same height and weight. One of these photo's reminded me so much of my dad and his twin brother. They are total opposites like these two boys but such good buds. I know the Holme's boys will grow up to be too. Enjoy these (delayed) photo's of an area that I am so proud to say I grew up in. I couldn't have been luckier than to have the opportunity to shoot here with an amazing family! Thank you again Holme's family!  

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