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The Elopement | Bay Area Wedding Photographer | Petaluma, CA | Heather + Arthur | November 2013

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Elopement

This blog post is long over-due! I had met Heather shortly after I graduated college, through a mutual friend. Her and I reconnected when we were both expecting our first born babies, within weeks of each other.  Ironically, we both ended up in labor the exact same day. Her son, Jackson was born hours before our first daughter, Summer, so funnily enough they ended up with different birth dates. That seemed to have bonded us in a way unlike any other. We experienced all of the milestones at the same time, of course in contrast being that Jackson was a busy little boy, Summer (although a daredevil), soft and quiet little girl. 

Fast foreword a few years later to our meeting for their "dream" wedding, and Arthur, was just her soul mate. I love meeting my couples before booking because I feel it's very important to have that chemistry as a photographer who is suppose to see & feel your love completely as well as you do. 

There became a delay in Heather and Arthur's planning, if you know Heather & Arthur, you know what they are going through right now, that is not my story to tell, but what is, is that this couple is the strongest team together. That is all it takes to being happy in love. They are both selfless to each other's needs and because of that, it does not matter what they go through, where they are in life; all they want is to be together, work together and love each other. That, is the truest example of real love. What was once their dream wedding evolved into a totally different way on this day. A lot of the things they had planned, did not quite matter…

 Amazing couple, and as always, I felt so honored to be there to capture it. 

Love you three, and what amazing family and friends you have!  

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