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Happy Independence Day! || {KBP} Frugal Fridays! || July || 2015

Saturday, July 4, 2015

I am so excited to share with you some of my favorite shops and more importantly, Fourth of July deals!

Independence Day has always been my favorite holiday, next to Christmas. It's one of the most festive, warming and fun days of the year. We need more than a day to celebrate our Independence and our beautiful country!

When I had my first daughter, Summer, I became even more obsessed with celebrating this day,  because I knew that in the years to come - she would remember some of the fun traditions we partake in as a family. One of those is of course dressing her up. So you can imagine, when I had daughter number two how excited I was to dress TWO little girls up for this fun, festive day!

Here is a photo I took of Summer (our oldest) the year we were expecting our second (Karly).
This was 2012.

(bow by: #flyingsadie found at Starlight Starbright Boutique in Folsom, CA)

and of course I found this dress for a steal a few years back at one of my favorite places for frugal buys for kids, H & M (click this link for $4 deals today!)

This year I had to dress these girls up alike. So many people ask if they are twins, and I am finally starting to see why. They are pretty close in height already, although they are two years apart. It's so fun that they look so much like sisters. I love this and I think as they get older they will love it too. 

We found these awesome out fits at one All American Department store, Macy's! They typically have the best sales of all of them, and you can find great quality clothing that will last. These cute little high tops we found at another one of our favorite's and especially, All American Stores,Target

They are also taking advantage of the holiday and are having a great fourth of july sale, go check it out! 

Below are more of my favorite instashops that are also having red white and blue sales! 

Shopruche: Shopruche


Bloom theory 

Urban peach boutique


The silver loft

(This awesome shop from Nashville, TN has a flash sale every Friday - 10 items on sale!)

My Kookie Jar

(seriously need these - they match my business colors)

Hope you enjoy shopping today! 


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