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{ B + L } | St. Joseph Catholic Church + Sutter Club | Sacramento, CA Wedding Photographer | October 19, 2013

Sunday, November 3, 2013

What an incredible, beautiful, Fall day for such an amazing couple to come together. I've known Lea for some years now, and was so excited when she asked me to take some photos of her and Brandon's special day. Lea and Brandon were high school sweethearts and the love from Brandon and Lea's family was so contagious and heart warming. Not only does this couple have the most profound respect and loyalty to each other, but their families just exude excitement and commitment to watch over them and support them every step of the way. 
Weddings have become such a passion of mine; I cannot wait to continue this path and watch more families and couples come together. I am such a believer in Love and (yes, work). I love when a couple is so passionate yet also, go-getter, realistic and willing to take on what life may bring them, because at the end of the day, you do not just have a lover and spouse, you have a partner, a best friend and confidant. Lea + Brandon are truly that couple, all about love and all about working hard for what they both truly love in life, each other…Congratulations again Lea + Brandon! I am so thankful for your business and will cherish your wedding for years to come! I will look forward to those gorgeous babies in your futures! ;-) 

Beautiful Day, Beautiful Couple, Beautiful Life. 


{I really hope someone got this speech on video…one of the most creative, well thought, best man speeches I've heard yet! Both loving & funny alike!} 

{Such a touching "father of the groom" speech…even made the photographer shed a tear or two!}

{Cheers to an eternity} 

With Passion, by: {KBP}

Loving what I do, every second of every day!

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